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  • ✓ Safe Secure, Hygienic, Spacious & Colourful Class Room.
  • ✓ Trained Experienced Teacher & Caretakers.
  • ✓ Best Montessori Materiels.
  • ✓ Audio-visual arena.
  • ✓ International play tools & equipments.
  • ✓ Interactive Digital Learning Tools.
  • ✓ Outdoor & Indoor play stations.
  • ✓ IP & CCTV Camera Surveillance.
  • ✓ Bright Connect 2 Parent App for Daily Updates & Smartbook.
  • ✓ Low Student to teacher ratio & individual Attention.
  • ✓ Grooming for Parents & Interview skills.


All centres of Bright kid Montessori house is set up in warm, nurturing, well ventilated, safe and secured environment. Each centre has lot of open space for children to express their excitement and develop their motor skills. All centres are in prime areas but yet bit away from any main road traffic just to ensure that children are away from vehicular pollution.

All centres are well equipped with best of class specially designed Montessori apparatus and materials, play equipment, digital learning aids like LCD projectors and learning softwares, own school vans with GPS etc.


Montessori materials are scientifically designed, precisely manufactured and proven over a few decades for providing hands-on learning experience to the children very effectively. All centres of Bright Kid Montessori has these materials in abundance and these materials are carefully sequenced so that each activity has an orderly and logical process to follow.

Materials covers areas like exercises of Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Maths, Enrichment. Each of our centres also has abundant, safety and child-appropriate, non-toxic materials for Play Group children for developing eye-hand coordination, fine and gross motor skills of the children.


We are also pioneer in getting latest digital learning for our Children. One such item is "interactive white board" - latest educational touch screen board which makes learning endlessly attractive. Amongst pre-schools in the vicinity, probably we are the only one to have such facilities in some of our centres. Bright Kid Montessori House constantly puts its effort and invests continually to upgrade its facilities to make it world class, premium , technologically advanced and content rich. Every centre has all latest learning software with LCD projectors.

The sense of order helps facilitate the learning process, teaches self-discipline, and caters to a young child's innate need for an orderly environment.