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Why Our Abacus?


Abacus training is universally accepted 'Complete Brain Development' program which activates both Left and Right Hemispheres of a child’s brain. Mastermind Abacus classes are not only about Mental Math or improving Mental Arithmetic Calculation, but also helps to excel in all the subjects.

Our Abacus Training Methodology makes a child learn Math by 'Play & Learn' method. It is the amalgamation of ancient and modern technology, which gives an edge to Mastermind Abacus course over other's Abacus Program.

Mastermind Abacus promotes whole brain development that strengthens The Core Skills like Memory, Concentration, Creativity and Problem Solving, that instill greater confidence & success in overall academics and in life.
  • Age Group: 4 to 14 Years


1. It removes the fear of mathematics by making the arithmetic calculations easier.

2. Abacus education, not only improves the mathematics and creates interest in mathematics, but it also helps to improve overall academic skill and helps to tackle the day-to-day challenges and boosts confidence problem-solving capacity.

3. It enables spatial ability which is applied in areas such as Science, Architecture, Engineering, etc.

4. Research by eminent physicians have further established that the left hemisphere of the Brain, referred to as the digital brain, provides analytical information and controls reading, writing, calculation, logical thinking, etc. and the right hemisphere, referred to as the analog brain, controls three-dimensional sense, creativity, and artistic senses. Science has proved that continuous use of abacus can develop the unused right-side of the brain which contributes to the whole brain development of individuals.

5. Abacus Education helps dyslexic children, who lack proficiency in reading, spelling, and writing improve their numerical skills as these children sense by touching. All these stand and support as to why the use of Abacus is a must.

6. It harnesses the natural potential in a child.

7. It allows children to understand numbers and place value concepts easily.

8. It enables the child to acquire the skills of concentration, listening, speed, accuracy imagination, innovation, creativity, comprehension photographic memory.


Dr. Toshio Hayashi, Director, Research Institute for Advanced Science and Technology (RIAST) is of the view that, starting abacus learning at a very young age, is useful in activating the brain of kids.
He also says, “We can activate the nerve cells by providing “stimuli” like moving fingers and talking aloud.”
When a child works on abacus it uses both its hand to move the beads. The finger movement of both hands activates the sensors of brain, the right hand coordinates with left brain and the left hand coordinates with right brain.
This facilitates the functioning of "The whole brain" and helps in added intellect, thereby creating 'child maths prodigy'.
Visualization: Ms. Kimiko Kawano, Researcher, Nippon Medical School, Center for Informatics and Sciences, is of the opinion that abacus users simply visualize an image of abacus in their head. They do not replace the image into words. This difference can be seen clearly in the EEGs.
What is important is that the ability to visualize can be put to use for other subjects…
Concentration: Decker Avenue School, California conducted a research on the effects of abacus training on children in the classroom. The study indicated that increased concentration of the abacus students was one of the pre-dominating effects of the training program.
Logical reasoning: Ms. Shizuko Amaiwa, Professor, Shinshu University, observed that advanced abacus learners were found to have received desirable effects in solving certain types of mathematical problems compared to non-abacus learners. In addition, a positive effect was seen, not only in mathematical problems with integers and decimals, but also in those with fractions, especially when higher level of logical thinking is required to solve them.
Photographic memory: Ms. Shizuko Amaiwa is also of the opinion that the beneficial effect of abacus training is the improvement in memory... As a result, abacus learners were found to score higher than non-abacus learners… It can be speculated that the training to obtain the abacus image visually had the effect of making students sensitive towards spatial arrangement or enhanced photographic memory…
Recall: Ms. Kimiko Kawano, Researcher, Nippon Medical School, Center for Informatics and Sciences, has stated that, “some abacus experts use their ability for memorizing whole page of textbook or years in history. The ability developed by abacas can be used effectively in different ways” such as the capability to recall.